Life long learning is a fundamental at Long Branch. In the spirit of the pioneers, this place is all about blazing new trails, experiencing new adventures, exploring new territory. It's a great field trip venue for school classrooms, home schoolers and summer camps.  A trip back in time to simpler days.


A field trip to Long Branch gives San Francisco Bay Area students a hands-on immersive experience which encourages that love of learning all kids have, but sometimes goes missing. The fresh country air brings out an extra measure of curiosity which ultimately makes its way back to the classroom. 


Teachers appreciate the deep learning that occurs when all the senses engage. The smell of a stable, the squeal of a pig, the feel of a vintage leather saddle. Watch what happens when someone gets a chance to hold onto the pan and actually sift for gold. So much better than reading about it in a book.


A show-stopper for the kids is the lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair which is framed in the Parlor. It's one of the stops on the walking tour which provides an educational look at authentic artifacts from the turn of the century. You cannot see one on a cell phone and get the same reaction. 


The Miniature Golf Course is a crowd pleaser and is part of the reason that Long Branch received the California Standards Approval for historical emphasis. Educators love the kid-friendly visceral impact. The kids experience the true joy of discovery.